Communication Consultant Role Description

Leveraging a skills-based service leader with communications experience — either a pro bono volunteer or a board member — is a smart way to ensure all critical information and promotional messaging is created and effectively communicated to the proper audiences throughout the various phases of the project (scoping, sourcing, implementation, evaluation, and recognition and celebration.)

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  • Help put in place the right communication plan with the adapted media
  • Generate a source of volunteers via social media campaigns and web presence
  • Develop messaging required for various phases of the project
  • Reach out to the local media when necessary

Qualifications and skills needed:

  • At least 2 years of communications/writing experience — if possible in a small business environment
  • Strong knowledge of various media channels, including social media
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • New skills and competencies developed:
  • Ability to find solutions with limited resources
  • Knowledge of the nonprofit sector and volunteer management
  • Teaching/sharing business knowledge for improving processes
  • Leadership
  • Ability to influence