Organizational Readiness Consultant Role Description

When a nonprofit organization lacks the capacity to perform a self-readiness assessment, it’s advisable to recruit a pro bono volunteer with consultancy experience to carry out the task. In this service-leader role, the volunteer will use his or her competencies to analyze the organization and determine if it is ready to welcome skills-based volunteers to specific projects. In most instances, a board member with appropriate skills can perform this role.

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  • Ask the right questions to the nonprofit and its management
    • About the organization’s vision, mission, strategy, and goals
    • About its market, its positioning, and any strengths or weaknesses
    • About the financial health of the organization
    • About the readiness of management, board members, and staff  to engage in skills-based volunteering
    • About the processes in place to manage volunteers
    • About the results/impacts from any previous volunteering engagements
    • About the organization’s current situation and bandwidth to manage external resources
  • Analyze the answers and advise on any next steps needed to be ready to welcome pro bono volunteers

Qualifications and skills needed:

  • External or internal consultant experience – 3 years +
  • Listening and analytical skills
  • Business strategy and management knowledge
  • Volunteering experience in a pro bono consulting role is a plus

New skills and competencies developed:

  • Knowledge of the nonprofit sector, its constraints and challenges; knowledge of volunteer management
  • Consulting experience in a new working environment with few resources
  • Leadership