Success Story: Berkshire Theater Group

BTG Addams Family


After a recent merger between two theater companies, the newly constituted Berkshire Theatre Group (BTG) needed help combining and optimizing their existing IT infrastructures. Chief among these needs was the rationalization of their internal systems (such as email and file sharing) and combining their client side programs (such as box office and donor management) onto a single platform easily accessed from any of their locations.


Common Impact worked with BTG to clarify and prioritize the above needs and matched them to a team of five IT professionals that were members of the Berkshire Business Roundtable, a regional business association with a keen interest in giving back to the Berkshire community.


The project team first set out to assess the existing technology assets of the newly merged organization and created a plan to combine the various technologies and systems into a single unified technological platform. 


Over the course of six months the Berkshire Business Roundtable team: 1) Installed and configured multiple back-office systems, 2) Set up five servers donated by the Roundtable, 3) Managed the upgrade and merging of BTG’s theater management software and, 4) Put in place a site- to-site VPN solution to simplify ticket sales.

Post project, BTG reported that the box office system upgrade greatly enhanced their customer experience allowing patrons at any site to buy tickets for events at any other site.  BTG also anticipates an increase in revenue from ticket sales, and donations as patrons increase their consumption of BTG’s programming. The team’s efforts to  replace computers, tweak salvageable existing computers, and optimize BTG’s fleet for speed and efficiency has led to a significant bump in employee productivity, allowing staff to capture back a lot of time that they can in turn spend on mission related activities.

“It was beautiful, collaborative and expansive…and we never could have done this, or conceived of doing this, on our own.”
CEO/Artistic Director – Kate Maguire