Success Story: Child Savers

Happy Child headshot

The Source

ChildSavers was tapped to participate in an Executive Jam Session with Ric Alvarez, Managing Vice-President of Capital One’s Brand Department. During these individualized sessions, community partners are given access to Capital One executive leadership to review any marketing questions, creatively brainstorm ideas, or discuss an issue regarding their organization.

After discussing the donor attrition problem, Ric recommended ChildSavers conduct foundational research to first understand why their donor base was not engaged before jumping straight to tactical solutions and problem-solving.

The Project

A team of Capital One volunteers from the Brand Marketing department met with ChildSavers to determine the cause of donor attrition. After extensive discussion and research, the team concluded that a value proposition was needed to increase awareness and transparency and differentiate ChildSavers in the marketplace.

Furthermore, ChildSavers learned they needed to change the way they communicated with their donor base. They required more than just a great story - donors needed to know how ChildSavers was making an impact in the community, including financial transparency and program delivery, to fulfill their stated mission.

The Impact

Building on the momentum of the organization’s 90th anniversary celebration, the team created a number of diverse concepts in the outdoor and digital realm that helps generate awareness and spark participation. Although the project remains active and the actual results are not yet realized, ChildSavers indicates the foundational research was a powerful tool that enabled their organization to make strategic decisions based on actual donor data and input.