Success Story: OpenAirBoston

Open Air instructor and student


OpenAirBoston (OAB) was witnessing continued growth in its Tech Goes Home program that serves the residents of the City of Boston. In particular, OAB wanted to streamline and automate its workflows related to the organization, scheduling, and execution of school- and community-based technology courses to enable growth. OAB sought strategic guidance to help them take the necessary steps to meet these needs.


Common Impact matched OAB with J0erg Meissner, Director of IT at Instron Corporation and a member of the Boston Society of Information Management, the primary sponsor for this engagement. A veteran in the arena of database systems and design, Joerg mentored OAB for this project.


As OAB’s Executive Mentor, Joerg worked closely with OAB’s leadership team to map out their program data and reporting needs such as information about participants, trainers, assistants etc. Next, Joerg documented these needs in the form of a requirements document and a database diagram for a subsequent database implementation.


The strategic guidance provided by Joerg is serving as a critical stepping stone in helping OAB 1) streamline their current workflows, 2) collect critical feedback and, 3) perform data analysis. OAB expects to use the outcomes of this mentoring engagement to engage a team of skilled volunteers to create a database that will in turn help them provide additional City of Boston residents with the tools and training to support skill development.