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Meeting mission takes more than passion, it takes having a strong organization around you and a solid infrastructure.  All nonprofits, large and small, need resources to make that happen, which can be challenging.  This roadmap is designed to introduce you to new resources or maximize your existing resources to utilize the professional skills of volunteers.

The Readiness Roadmap has been laid out to walk you through each phase of readiness and provide links to the tools and resources that are helpful with different elements in each phase.

At the start of each section you’ll find an overview about the primary challenge it addresses and why it’s critical, as well as a summary of the types of resources/knowledge you’ll find there. In a few sections you should also keep your eye out for a few volunteer role descriptions – each of these helps describe some additional expertise you might find helpful to design and secure the right kinds of pro bono services for you.

We hope you find it useful!


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