Needs Identification

The Challenge:

Understanding which of your organization’s needs could be addressed well with pro bono services.

Why is This Important?

While pro bono service by definition doesn’t cost a fee, it still requires a significant organizational investment in terms of your staff’s time. As such, it’s important to identify and prioritize the pro bono services that will be most beneficial and most viable to implement properly. This is true for your partners as well; they value your ability to make good use of their time and service.

Identifying your needs doesn’t necessarily mean it is essential (or even best) for you to be able to determine exactly what pro bono services you need. Oftentimes it’s actually most helpful to secure a subject matter expert to diagnose what type of project will best meet your needs. However, what you can do in advance is assess the categories of needs you have that might be well-suited for pro bono services. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to identify the support your organization needs to accomplish its goals and then identify and prioritize which of those goals might be addressed through pro bono services.
  • Find a subject matter expert to help you scope the right kind of project to meet your needs.
  • Understand the resources that can help you identify project types that might be a good fit.