Project Readiness

The Challenge:

Understanding whether your organization is ready to engage internal and external resources to well execute and sustain a specific skills-based project.

Why is This Important?

Spending time properly assessing your organizational readiness will help ensure you have the capacity to sustain the solutions after the volunteers have completed the project in order to get the long-term value. Though your organization may generally be ready to engage in a skills-based volunteering project, it is always critical to determine your ability to engage in a specific project (IT, Marketing, HR, etc.). Projects that are carefully vetted have greater chance of achieving their intended impact, leading to mutually beneficial experiences that unlock potential for long-term relationships between nonprofits and skilled volunteers.

What Will You Learn?

  • Determine whether your organization meets the high-level prerequisites to engage in a skills-based volunteering project.
  • Determine  project-readiness prerequisites you will need to have in place as you identify projects in a specific functional area.